Manitoba Bear Hunting

Doug hamric
Big Grass Outfitters offers some of the best Manitoba bear hunting with 2001-2018 success  rates as high as 95%.  hunting a no hunt zone along borders of RMNP.  15% of those bears with skull scores over 19 inches gives you an excellent opportunity to harvest a true giant bear.  A high 55 % color phase harvest during these past seasons provides an excellent opportunity to harvest a once
in a lifetime color phase black bear. Some of our baits have over 18 years of history of colored black bears.


We keep our bear hunting areas fresh and do not over pressure them in order to provide you with the best hunt and best chances for success.  Our  operation has changed a little in last 2 years. We no longer have outcamp hunting. It is all done out of the lodge at Russell Manitoba  We now hunt borders of Riding Mountain National Park referred to as area GHA 23 which is well known to many.  All stands with ladder access are placed for bow hunters with distances of 18-22 yards and for rifle hunters approx 22- 50 yards with elevations of 12-15 feet.

We take pride in our guiding staff; experience and knowledge of the area combined with the dedication to offer clients a hunt that is second to none. Use of top of the line equipment, including side by sides, can be valuable in the most inclement conditions and roughest terrain will help to make your Manitoba bear hunting experience one to remember and tell others. We all make a positive attempt to ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment during the hunt while Mother Nature is in complete control of the weather and her environment.