TBT remember 2011 we had 12 inches of snow April 30

After  their patience depleted, they arrived and were shocked that we were  telling them the truth.The roads got cleared and we hoped some snow would melt so we could access the hunting area due to high banks of snow.. We knew the bears would be at the baits cause they had been eating actively for 10 days. A snow like this it just puts them up for a couple days and they are back same a they were before the weather hit.  We hung at the camp for the day and headed our first thing the next day, of course with great success..

Snow storm of the winter keeping us home

Have you experienced a winter snowstorm, keeping you home for 3 full days? With winds gusting to 75mph, about one and half feet of snow falling in about 12 hours and our winds didnot stop for 48 hours.  Wow we were Stormed and Blown but like all people who live in Manitoba we just sit tight till it disperses and then we start digging out..  While it was storming the dogs and I used  snow shoeing as my method of travel.. We put on about 6 miles in the 2 days of blocked roads, and then it was just fun to travel along the banks threw the woods to see neat paterns and banks in the snow.

Yamaha Wolverine for Spring Bear season

Spring bear season is approaching fast because our last winter storm upon us today.. Big Grass Outfitters have now  purchased  a new Yamaha Wolverine

@KokkesSmallEngine  we purchase our equipment from Kokkes. we are offered great service and he is a great dealer.

. We are looking forward to the upcoming season, 3500 pound winch with a synthetic rope (no cable slivers) and 27in  Swamp tires should make it a good Ride to and from the baits sites.

Big Grass Dogs

there is no shortage of dogs and treats at Big Grass when Tom is at home.. When Jazie is on her diet we have raw carrots for treats, and all the others have learned to enjoy them also..  Copper is grown in to a 75lb and Sammy is about the same weight but 8 months older than Copper.. the Real true Chesapeake really shows in the Oaky. But we luv them all.. Jasmine now 13 is showing her age but still goes for a walk each day.

Resident Whitetail girls on Stealth.

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It never seems to amaze me where and when this family shows. I had no idea how often they travelled all my trails around our 60 acres if it wasnt for my Stealth cameras. Along the trails, across the garden, along the wood row I see signs of their presence.  Even with our 3 Chessys out and about they are happy and look very relaxed walking just 100 yds past the garden.. a few tops off the carrots, and beets in the spring, the top of a corn cob nibbled in the fall but that is it…

Whose Coming to Dinner?

wgi_0244wgi_2506wgi_6214wgi_6480wgi_2150Wildgame Camera has captured 6500 shots of these fine wild animals all coming for a free lunch at the pit.. Do you ever place a camera out just to see what is happening? The lone coyote and the Brave Skunk buddies travel at nite at the start of Waterfowl season now just last yesterday they are brave and and feed in the light.. but there was fog… and the Ravens are just coming regularly one by one and in flocks.

Do you have a Working Hunting dog?


We  love to be in the field with our dogs. Copper 4 mon, Sammy 1 yr. Tom older, its so exciting to see the dogs bring back a bird when it hits the ground.. Tom has had many dogs over the years and Chessys are his Love.. Old Bud his First , made him a life long friend in the field.. Now Sammy who loves to retrieve and Copper just learning, are going to be a sight to see next fall when the season opens..

Dog Training in the duck hunting field

img_9300img_9175img_9130how does a dog know its to pick up a bird? Sammy jo loves to retrieve A Ball A stick a Boot, however first time in field she marked all but didn’t like the feathers, however it wasnt long till that isn’t a problem.  Copper however is a true bird dog, picks it up tail in air and away he goes.. It is just amazing what a fun day it is to see them work in the field.

Fancy Pants in the blind on a Manitoba Honker Hunt


Do Have time to take a Kid hunting on Sunday morning on  “a Red neck hunt”?

We luv to hunt with our grand son Vincent and his buddies and our friends.. Scouting, setting decs, and then hunting, cleaning the birds and lunch make MeMories.  Never is there a chance goes by if we have a call to hunt does Tom refuse to get in a blind with any of local fellows..   Our equipment offers young fellows more opporturnity and plus we LUV TO HUNT!!

Could you ask for a better lunch?


Do you cook you wild meat ? Fergies Duck Burritos and Smoked Crane, with 8 starving hunters, and the crock pot was empty in no time.

RECIPE: clean and prepare duck/goose breasts, slice into strips about 1 inch wide, marinate in Pepsi 8-10 hours, drain and pull apart with fork, add 8 oz BBQ sauce, 2 onions 6 tomatos, and some peppers, and any other veggies you may want… cook 6-8 hours. torilla shells, shredded cheese of any kind, some people prefer a little heat so add some hot sauce. its all up to your taste buds.. Enjoy>