Dedication and Organization Make for Top Quality Hunts

At Russell, our lodge and home along the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, we host hunts for Fall bear, waterfowl including ducks, snows, blues and Canada geese. Plumas and Alonsa, our outcamps located between Riding Mountain National Park and Lake Manitoba we host our Spring bear, muzzleloader and rifle deer hunts.

Spring and fall bear seasons over the past 10 years have shown a great 75% color phase, 15% of skull sizes over 19 inches up as large 22.6/16 in 2007 and weights of 250- 650 and even 2007 spring over 700lb. and success of 95% of opportunity. We take pride in our guiding staff-experience and knowledge of the outdoors combined with the dedication to offer clients a hunt second to none. Use of top of the line equipment, including quads and 4x4s which can be valuable in the most inclement conditions and roughest terrain, will help to make your experience in Manitoba one to remember and tell others. We all make a positive attempt to ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment during the hunt, while Mother Nature is in complete control of the weather and her environment.

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