2010 Big Grass Team

Team Big Grass
May 21 we were all loaded up andready to head for home… Tom and I would like to thank all who atttended camp this year for the great memories and good times you brought to camp…Also we would like to thank John aka Bump Bump and Warren aka Bird Man for all their help and hard work with out you we would be DEAD….. Every year we come and go , judy gets many photos this year hours of video footage and over 1200 photos to review, resize and add to this page.. Now summer is here we will have happenings around Big Grass lodge with family visitors, and the girls….. HOpe you have a great summer!! Keep in touch send me a photo of what you might be doing….. I now have a Big Grass page on Facebook so if you have photos to add in the fans of Big Grass that would be awesome…….