Days at Big Grass

Days At Big Grass Days At Big Grass Days At Big GrassWhen it’s winter and temps are great the snowshoes come out and I try to burn some calories off! But many hours are spent marketing, preps for next season and talking !, yup I am the Voice remember!😂😂

Baby it’s cold in Manitoba

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-35F plus windchill.   Dress warm and enjoy the fresh air.
if you need a bear hunt for May we have that also!!

Big Grass Garden planting

Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto DraftIf you have been or plan t come you will realize the garden is important!  Home grown in camp of all vegetables is at most meals..  so May 4 I planted a “sample” garden.  2weeks later with some watering it is up.   Hopefully some early veggies.  Life at Big Grass is Good

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Big boars, this bait had some amazing activity just out of the den, difference of about 1.5 ft when you look at the knot on the tree.  I’ll be watching for them to return to the site later during the rut!

How much does he weigh?

How Much Does He Weigh?

We’ve seen many signs of this Bruin but never caught him on camera. We have many sows frequenting this bait! The Rut is near 

manitoba black bear

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Wow my blaze is bigger than his but!, might be time to leave before it’s too late!

Family of Manitoba Bear black Bears

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Color bears I thought they were black bears.   Some baits have a great population of coloured Black bears feeding.   Here sow and this spring bear cubs along thigh 2 yrs ago cubs still travelling with her.   

Manitoba Spring Bear Hunt Special

Auto DraftAre you looking for a 2020 Bear Hunt?    We only hav 6 PEOPLE  in camp at one time.   98%success. Some color phase BEARS.  rifle or Bow, ladder stands !

2047736533 @biggrasslady on IG

Bree Town needs color phase for her Ten pin

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Ok I’m going bear hunting 

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

I’ll have some lunch!

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Oh my I’m thankful for such a great animal and experience at Big Grass

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Bree and her dad arrive to Big Grass. Outdoor Dream Foundation Hunt was offered to Bree due to her severe health issues and experiences many things to make memories.   Her Ten-point crossbow is set up and on the X for her hunt.  Heading to the stand ,she is quiet, smiling with some apprehension.   Up in the  stand dad and her eat their lunch with thoughts of Bears.  A small black thinks he should visit them in the stand,  she stomps her foot and he backs off. Patiently waiting and a snap of a branch and this amazing animal shows, it takes her just seconds to nod to say this is the ONE!   Safety off, trigger tight, scope on the X and 💥.  Bree has her Manitoba colorphase Black Bear!  Way to go.  Big Grass Girls Rock!

Return huntress Jess has her sights on Big Manitoba Bear

Spring Bear Hunting Manitoba

Another bear for Jess and she does a great job! Enthusiasm, marksmanship, and commoradery adds to the excitement of all heading to the woods.  What makes you a good hunter? Jess is proof of this.if you are thinking of Bearhunting in 2020 Manitoba has stats of Big Bears, color phase ,high populations.  Give us a call 2047736533 cell or text