5:45 pm Sept 1, Scott Hackney Ky 6 ft black

After sitting in the stand Monday nite in pouring rain, Tuesday not seeing a bear Scott finally puts this 6fter with an awesome white blaze to the ground. After smaller bear showed earlier and lay down just behind the stand Scott is wondering if he is got a bad omen against him. But just a few minutes later up walks this bruzer slowly enters the site and not even getting to the bait the 45-70 blasts out the shoulder. Scotts heart settles down and he decides tos ee where the bear went.. as he passes the barrels he sights a huge amount of red blood ..great moving down the hill more, and then he hears the death moan from just feet away..then after calling  Judy on the radio for over an hour he has his Manitoba Black Bear …The Oak Tree stand has been renamed to the M. Poppins stand as Scott worried if the strong winds and and a umbrella in his hand would have lifted him off and sailed across the valley.