6 pm May 8, Chris Johnson Il

What am I doing wrong? I do not think I move at all was Chris’s statement on way to stand on Wed eve. Not a thing I told him. Chris are you haveing fun? Why not try just relaxing and enjoy what is going on. HE got out of truck and decided to get all gear on before getting on quad. Off across the mud, water and swamp we went. Stopping at the barrel , the meat was GONE , piefilling bucket on the ground, this looks good. Chris makes his way up to his stand. Judy gets bucket up and sprays the sock and looks up Chris is holding his 450 Marlin out to her and says “this always happens to me its jammed what  do I do?” Out comes the Big Gras pocket knife and hooks the bullet and it pops up into the chamber. Chris heaves a sigh of relief and grins. Thumbs up and up the ladder. 6 pm his toes are nearly numb so shakes up a heat pack and proceeds to put one in his boot. What was that. Oh no a bear. The bear continues around and walks to bottom of stand and looks up “I froze” HOLYS*** then off he goes to the barrel, takes a piece of meat and goes back to woods. HE returns and gets another making his way towards the stand. OH NO HE IS GOING TO LEAVE.  Chris pulls up his 450 and lets a Hornady fly. This Manitoba Black Bear drops in his tracks.   Chris gets down from the stand his heart still a thumpin. He has a snack and a squirrel proceeds to chatter at him.  These squirrels have been harrasing Chris all week. Crack and the 450 blows the hind legs off a squirrel. Now he has 2 trophies for the HANGIN POLE tonite.