7 pm May 8, Al DeCrane Il

 Its got to be a bigger one this year Judy!! Well we have a good one Al. Tom and Al travelled to and from the bait on our “Power house 300 Suzuki.”  3 nights NO SHOW well be better go to the swamp. They arrive about 3;30 water over the running boards, Al’s grin gets alittle wider and he makes his way to the stand. There is water everywhere Al is on an island , Ihope Tom comes back I bet that water is kind of cold when temps are dropping below 30F at night lately. Around 7 Al hears something and slowly the bruin makes his way to the barrels he seems to be limping on his front leg. Al pulls his Remington 300 Win Mag up and pulls the trigger. The bear rolls and races away. Al calls Tom and Dave and Dave and they come in through the water. He is right over there I thnk he even had a white blaze but he was really limpin.  Well NO blaze but Wow 4 inches larger, within 1 hour of 2007 kill time and Al has another Manitoba black bear . There are no end of stories at the table from Al, the last one was about these Dove like birds at the bait. Not sure what they were doing but after the story he lost his Blonde Arab name and will now be known by his Native name  2 Birds H*****. Congrats Al. Again it was a blast!!.