7:15pm, May 12, Thad Wood OH.

Thad saw Drews photos in May of 07 and thought Ok I need a bear. Soon the time came, many emails to Judy with questions and excitement of the hunt coming. We arrived in Manitoba and we are heading for the stand. Just before 7 I hear a twig crunch and then a movement , “”that is not a squirrel.”” She hesitates and runs to the meat barrels swings and goes out of sight.  About 10 minutes later there she is again, IN and OUT fast. Thad raises his 300 Win Mag pulls the trigger , the bear rolls and comes towards the stand, hooks right and crashes to the ground. Then the deep moan. Wow the blood is pumpin. Thad has a hard time believing it all happened so fast.
He now has a great Choc bear for a life size mount for his home in Ohio. Way to go Thad!!