7:18 pm May 13 Bo Beyer Wi.

Arriving late Sun nite after a long drive , boy I had better see a bear. Well Monday pouring rain, NO SHOW at the gravel pit and Bo is tired and a beer sure tasted good at 11 pm when they got in for dinner. 1 bear on the pole. Tues. Sun shining, and off to the Lost bait. Boy I wonder why lost bait. 6;30pm and from behind the barrel a small bear arrives, grabs a piece of meat and runs off not giving Bo a chance for a shot but it was no as high as the 55 gal barrel. Ok better get ready if this is to happen again. 7;18 and the sound of a shot rings across the meadow and Bo has this nice 5 ft black bear. He never even went anywhere just dropped right there. Now after a few cold ones the night is late but 8;30 am when they call Bo he wonders what is going on, didnt he just go to sleep.  Photos at Big Grass are important and Fudge thinks she should get a bit of glory too. Way to go Bo a great bear!