8:55 pm Rahn Smith Wis, May 3

First time bear hunter, Rahn arrives with anticipation of a “”Bear Hunt” Ken and Tim have been filling him full of interesting stories of hunting in Manitoba..Well here he was in snowy conditions, a 5 ft snowgirl and Judy as welcoming committee.. Sitting around table hearing it all wondering if he had really bit off a crazy piece of time… On to the quad him and Tom go, Judy takes a pic, and he goes down the trail.. sitting thinking, many things pass through his mind, looking tothe right to where Tom says trail is he catches a movemnt off the left “” OH a bear””  many times he tries to pick up his gun and the bear bolts out of the bait site.. Judy said you can raise your gun when bear is looking away NOT.. Finally gun up, bear in position and shot rings out bear rolls, Toms said hit hiim again.. No tracking.. another shot and all is quiet.. Tom are you there.. No answer I am sure they will arrive as they should here shots.. Oh ya they are likely eating hotdogs… Quad noise in distance.. here someone comes.. as the quad enters the bait another shot rings out.. Oh Keith must have one also..  Bear in trailer,, Heart still pounding like it has not pounded in many years, Back at truck,,  I had no idea what to expect but that was the most rush I have had in a long time… Wow I cannot wait to tell my son and daugher””  Congrats Rahn on your Manitoba Black Bear trophy.. great shooting you must get a little practice in your line of work.  Space out those shots Right!!