9:40pm May 3 Keith Hitzke Wis.

Keith takes a colored bearKeiths hunter ambitions bring him to Manitoba on a bear hunt. He hears about the coyotes and wolves in the area and his pulse quickens.. he has brought a caller andt hinks that would pass the evening of nicely..Caller, 3 buddies and off they go.. As the sky closes the coyotes and wolves repond and move nearer,  Keith is thrilled to have this opportunity.. dark falls, he can see movement, heart is pounding, animals move in closer, Wow my heart is going to bust.. Oh lights,, no way,, oh just Judy concerned with fellows getting stuck…Now the bear hunt, dark is getting near, a movement on the left and Wow a colored bear, and a huge black. gun aimed and shot rings out colored bear drops,  second shot rings out, bear still thrashes and then expieres, Black bear charges stand, Will it come up…Keith rings  shot of in the dirt infront of bear, sounds of the quad and Tom and JUdy arrive.. “Bear is just in trees behind of stand Beware”  Tom loads bear Judy grabs pack and down she goes, up and we are off on quad with bear for the rest of the story to be heard at the truck… Congrats Keith on a Great Bear.. Mr Gadget, bring the hunt to the top with your love of the outdoors..