Aug 27,07 Jason Funk Wi.

The trip to the stand was kind of like the ride from H*** through the thickest brush and steepest hill but once in the stand he is set. 45 min in the stand and a small black comes and goes eating meat scraps, then another arrives but is is scared to show and crouches in brush as a bigger on arrives. Then out comes a huge cinnamon, walks straight at me and over behind the barrel no shot turns and leaves, Oh darn this is awful I hope he comes back, then another comes in and eats but is very skittish. HE leaves and all is quiet at the bait but in the woods, snapping, snarling, crashing sounds like a heard of cattle. Oh my I hope that big brown comes back why is nothing coming in do I stink or what? Then Wow out comes this huge guy he is midnight black, HE sits down at the far barrel with no shot and eats the oats, then moves over to the meat barrel sitting on his butt, and pulls out the buns JUdy had put in and pushes them away pulls out a piece of fat and throws it away and then a piece of meat and stands reaches in again and gives Jason the perfect shot. HE releases and the Acc arrow of his Hoyt Adrenaline bow reflecting the arrow off the barrel on the pass through of this huge black. HE radios Judy “I just SMOKED a MONSTER”!! Awesome is the reply.