Brady Parker Mi. 6 ft May 7

5th trip 4 nights in the stand and NO BEAR for a photo. Now pressure is on. Brady is sure he is doing something wrong this trip, as we go to the stand I said Just go and enjoy yourself relax and let it happen. And wow it did. As I was leaving the site I see some movement and there is a small boobo coming down the quad trail I whisltles to Brady and he looks to the left. The little bear sits on the side of the trail as I leave the site. And in minutes it arrives to barrels filling his face on the piefilling and does the spread eagle doing that. then he continues to pull meat out and eat piece by piece. After 1.5 he leaves and then back for another little snack about 7pm. the Woods go quiet and Brady sits and waits. Tnen 925pm  out of nowhere there is a bear at the bait Now that is a shooter. Up with the Benilli shot gun and Brady pulls the trigger the bear rolls butdoes not lay Brady give shim one more but th inks it is a Hail Mary but Tom did say to shoot till it stops moving. Radio on and Judy answers and truck noice leaves. So brady decides to walk out on the trail. Wow which way did we come in on. Hope this is the one, he meets Judy and guys with Truck and quad. Buddy Dan, and BArry are there also. Judy and Brady go to look for blood trail and Judy decides to wait till Tom and guys get in to look again. 1130 back in bush to find bear but so many trails and so dark it is rally hard to make anyheadway. 7am we will get up and go to get him in lite.  930 they are back with this awesome 6fter. Not sure what size skull is but he does have a bucket on him. Way to go Brady………. A Bear for a photo and a story to go with.