Brian L Ohio 5.5ft Cinnamon May 13

I shot a Bear JUDY!!!! Now Brian aka Mikey in Manitoba returned in 2010 with thoughts of “No Problem First nite they will put me on a hot bait and I will see bears coming and Going. Well Tom and Judy thought that is what  they were doing. Bait was hit hard regularly and a big print.””
But no deal 2 long evenings in the stand and they move him to what Judy says bear crap everywhere, a herd of bears. He is kind of nervous kind of sitting on edge of seat cause he was sure it was going to happen and Yes I could see bear crap on ground.
NowTom shot last nite and there were atleast 4 others at his stand and one big one after dark. So that is where Brian goes. and yes. I saw a bear. and then I saw another bear Awesome this will be a shooter if I get a chance. and Yes the shot made. I have a bear down. Radioing John and we start to track it with the video on and Wow best sight I hav seen MY BEAR…. I got it on video also that is an extra charge and then Oh yes the Blue barrel that is even more. Not sure if Brian is going to afford to go home cause of all these extra charges. So the Comere’ Bear really worked Brian….congrats on a great bear….