“Burgie” Ken Burglund Dec 9,2009

 I am sad to have to share with you an email from Doug McDougal of NAHC..  Ken (Burgie) Burglund died last night after a long term illness with kidney failure.  Ken was a great friend of fish and wildlife and an avid hunter and angler.  His son, Steve, shared with Doug that he was with Ken last spring in SD when Ken shot his last wild turkey.  Ken was a Life Member (#281) of Wildlife Forever as well as Life Members of the North American Hunting Club and the North American Fishing Club. 


A photo  took of Ken during one of his finest and happiest times, working for the wild turkey.  He and a friend were together on a very cold Minnesota morning (similar to this morning) to release wild turkeys into Carver County.  Having hunted with Ken and having worked on conservation projects together, I know he will be missed.

Burgie hunted many times with Big Grass with many friends, one year with his son STeve, and grand sons, and the last year in 2007 with Steve. Tom and I have many fond memorys of Burgie watching the flocks of snows, and ducks over the years