Gene Finch Nc. 5 ft Black

Gene arrives with Eubanks to hunt bear in Manitoba on his first ever hunt. Not sure what to expect he absorbes all the stories and info given. They make the long ride to the Management and up in the stand. Just time to pull head mask down and put shell into his 30-06 and in walks this 5ft+ black. He could still hear the quad leaving to go put Russ in the stand. 1/2 hour later and quad comes back and he radios Tom to pick him up. He was in stand just 6minutes and he had his bear. The rest of the week was put in taking his guide training 101, through water over the seat of the quad, cutting bear baits out, checking the hunters to see if they had taken a bear. Not bad experience for his first hunt. Now in 3 years his grandson will be old enough to carry a rifle and they will return together to experience it all together. And that will be something to really look forward to.