Manitoba Black bear

Bear cub at the bait June 9 rated Best nite in the stand Just 20 minutes in the stand and Vinnie points to the left.. I could see a black thing coming but he could see these to moving toward the site.. Biggest smile I had seen so far when this little chocolate bruin walks towards the barrels..  He went straight to the goody barrel and he seemed to know exactly where to go.. With an orange peanut Don and Bernie brought last fall from Wi. stuck on his nose and reaching into the goody barrel to get  cherry pie filling , jumpin up on the barrel, sniffn around full of beans.. Mamma did not seem to worry about us we must  have been descented  enough and not moving.. Good hunters We were!!  then after about 20 minutes she started away from the bait, looked back and kind of swung her head and the little one wcame bounding behind her.  I know we all go to the stand to pull the trigger but the only trigger heard was the click of the Canon camera..