Mark Buehrer Oh 5 ft choc

Mark and Connie spend 4 evenings in the bear stand seeing 10 bear and many of those colored. Connie relaxing reading her book, snacking on Toms bag lunchs eating crunch carrots and cucs as quietly as possible without Mark giving her dirty looks every time a baggie opens again. but finally in the rain Thurs abput 6;15 this chocolate arrives and Connie gives the OK Mark pulls back on his Mathews and the arrow pases through the bear. Judy arrives to hear Marks story, they check for blood, finding good sign they work their way about 10 yds hearing woods move they stop, Mark knotches an arrow hitting the bear again, bear slowly moves about 10 yds, and thrashes time pases. They move in closer they can still see movement so another arrow is knotched and the killing shot made. Connie had followed closely as this spot and stock in woods so thick you cannot see 10 ft. A high 5 and a hand shake and Mark has a great Manitoba colorphase bear with his bow. The 660 Griz makes its way to the death bed and we had back to camp for phtos and spagetti supper Tom had prepared.