Marylou Eubanks Va, 5.5ft Blonde Apr 27

Marylou returns to get a colored bear. That is only one she wants, oh and maybe a little bigger. Off to the stand she goes and waits. Just a little scared to say the least and she waits. 8;45pm from off the left in walks this bear, her 280 is standing on her right. The bear comes in and lays down facing her ohno how can I shoot it then he turns and starts to eat and Crack and the 280 rings out. HE spins and goes to the left standing on hinds she pulls the triger again he spins again going across shooting lane and the trigger rings again. Tom said shoot till he stops moving. Off to the left the dry leaves russle for a few moment then whoosh and all was still. Tim and Warren arrive soon after and come in on the quad while Jay keeps her company by 2-way radio.  Now this is what she came for. Scott the taxidermist is going to bust her for so many holes but that is what he gets paid for Right. Congrats Marylou on a Trophy of a Life time. She is one fiesty little lady and noone to cross when she is packing that 280.