May 11, 845pm Jeff Geller, In, 5 ft black

bowhunting black bear in Manitoba

Jeff  returns to Manitoba to hunt bear.. he has brought back 2 hunting buddys and  2 good friends to experience this years hunt. Jeff is waiting for the big one which he had seen skirt he bait on Monday nite.. if he had been a rifle hunter  the bear would have been on the pole but as a Mathews switchback shooter Jeff just watched and his heart pumped harder and louder but the big bear would not present himself.. ..Wed nit jeff  sits patiently for 2 nite in the rain.. 9 pm , the witchin hr is near in walks this black , weather is not great, bears back as high as the  the standing barrel, as it enters the first time at 30yds no shot presents it self but at 16yds, broad site and Jeff releases the trigger.. Jeff is using the same Montec G5  broadhead  he used on his 2008 cinnamon bear and his  whitetail last fall. Now another trophy.. Jeff has another great black bear but “Oh that Big black who stood with his chin on a standing barrel is still out there hopefully for Jeffs return””.. 2012 Jeff could be in Manitoba again with his Switchback to get that big old Black Bruin if the  $$$ are available.