May 15, 9:16 pm Ed Dawson, WV 6.5 ft black

Ed arrives to camp over muddy roads for a black bear hunt but the Color phase is what intrigues him most.. Sunday nite starts the hunt and out to the stand he goes, he is a little leary of hunting from stands but he has made up has mind as long as he can Hug the tree.. UP in stnad settled and ready to hunt.. It is quite warm and he is wondering about all clothes he needs or doesnot need..about 7 pm he hears something and in comes a bear, not a shooter but A Bear.another bear, and another one.. 5 in total but one is THE SHOOTER he towers over others.. Butno shot presented for his 30-06. patiently bears coming and going feeding and the Big Fellow rules who eats and does not..A shot presents it self on the left and darn he hesitates as he wants a gond shot.. then there it is.. click  and a shot rings out, and another, 3 shoots in total.. and No more movement.. then Ed’s heart rushes adrenalin is pumpn hard.. he radios Warren who arrvies shortly.. They decide to try to load it and NOT..they try John on radio and no luck,, Ed has his cell phone.. and he calls Camp.. we need another bide and trailer for this bear.. No answer…leaves a message..then JUdy calls and Tom and Tim are on the Way.. 1:00 am and they return with big Hog to hang him to the pole for tomorrow mornings pics.. Way to go Ed..