May 23,07 Mike Tima, Pa

First time bear hunter Mike arrives full of anticipation of the HUNT. Size, kill shot, will he eat me?, where will he come from?, and the stand is pretty high, all run through his mind as Judy puts him at the bait. Some meat in barrel, anise on sock and a new sugar cane syrup in the jug and she leaves Mike in the rain. 5 pm out of no where bear arrives at bait eats and checks out syrup. then proceeds to rub shoulder on tree of stand. Mikes heart is beating. 2nd night is same but bear arrives at 7 pm and he also sees a shadow of a large animal skirting the bait site but does not come in. Wed nite still raining 5 pm passes but by six the strap on tree slips and al little suprise and he drops 8 inches.BUT not to the ground!!. HE readjusts strap and settles in for the evening. 7pm passes, no bear but 8;45 and he arrives, Mike pulls on this black bear with his 30-06 Remington taking the shoulder and lung out. Still moving he fires a couple more to make sure Judy does not have to track this bear. Mike plans to have a shoulder mount done of this Manitoba Black bear. Mike also comes to us as a Life Member of North American Hunting Club joining us on our Yearly Life Member Spring Bear hunt.