May 3 6:30 pm Mark Schmidt, Wis..

Mark Schmitt takes a bear

Mark returns for his second hunt, after many hours in 2009 he hopes to see a bear.. Arriving to camp a day late due to a blizzard he isnot sure what conditions he will encounter.. Temps warm, sun shines and all is looking good… IN the stand by 4 ish he gets comfortable  brings down the you know Rail to lean his gun on and is set.. He hears a noise and prepares for a shot.. out walks a bear OH MY!!.. remembering what Tom had said in bear 101. aim for the shoulder, higher than the barrel.. and he pulls the trigger.. No waiting around for any other thoughts.. the bear rolls and runs at his stand. Mark stands and puts another one in it.. the bear collapses near foot of stand… Wow.. what a rush heart pounding… Mark settles down and calls on the radio.. Warren are you there?  No answer.. Well I guess next thing to do is Just sit till someone arrives.. Mark knows all baits are far apart and maybe they cannot hear my call.. Way to go Mark on your great bear… A Black bearb rug for your wife..  He says he will be back,, will put in the time for a larger trophy cause now he will have patience to wait the “”Big Bear at Big Grass Story out”