May 7 7;55pm Gatlin Paul Johnson IL


Gatlin has 2 No show nights in the stand only squirrels and Skunks at the bait. WEdnesday we head out again. Ok this is the night. 2nd night at Judy’s lost bait when we arrive at 4pm goody pail is pulled down, fresh prints at the bait and meat is all gone “the blood is pumpin” Just after 7 he hears something off to the right of the barrel, a few minutes later out walks the bear, stopping and sniffing every step. He looks towards the stand Paul freezes. The bear continues to the barrels, sniffs the oats, sniffs the meat and looks back at PaulThen he sniffs the scent sock and walks over to the goody bucket Judy rehung. Seemed like just seconds and he goes to head away fromt he bait. HOLY S*** he is gong to leave. Pauls pulls the 450 up and a shot rings out. The Hornady blows through the bread basket of this bear leaving membrane through the brush. Back in the woods lots of thrashing and then a large moan. “Judy, I have a bear down” the radio sounds off.


When we track the bear to the ending spot membrane hangs from the tree branches and on the grass from the exit of the 450 Hornady bullet.


Paul’s bear this year is larger than last and the coat on it looks just awesome for a 1/2 body mount for the office.