May 7,07 Jay Eubanks, Va.

Jay heads to the hunting area with Marlin and Carl around 2 pm. Around 9 he hears some movement off to the right in moves a bear, and stops below the treestand, patiently Jay waits , the bear moves off to the right and circles the bait and Jay catches a glimps of the bruin. He has no problem makeing up his mind, if it was a shooter like Tom said. He raises his Remington MOdel 700-280 and places a shot to the shoulder. The bruser rolls, Tom said hit him again if he does not stop. 3 more shots and Marlin is near the bait and the Bear raises his head so the last shot rings through the air and movement stops. After much struggleing, and with the assistance of Carl the 3 fellows get this 6.5 ft MONSTER in the trailer for the ride home. Oldest fellow in camp, first time bear hunting, and he has a great Manitoba Cinnamon colorphase Black bear.