May 9, 6:55 pm Houston Griggs Tn. 5 ft cinnamon

colorphase bear

Manitoba here we come and Houston is ready to hunt  bear in Manitoba.. dinner, a sleelp and shoot the gun and Toms Bear 101.. now I know what to expect and to do when I see a bear.. traveling to the stand we go past Lake Manitoba down some very muddy roads but no problems for the suburban’s and quads.. Up to the stand, and I get settled.. 6;55pm in walks this colored bear , a shot rings through the air from a 300 weatherby and Houston has shot a bear. The bear wheels and comes straight at him,, another shot rings and the bear drops just near the stand… ,,Houston calms a little, smiles, reaches for his 2way, tom are you there, reaches to his pack and has a smoke, and waits.. after a while the guys arrive and we head back to the truck to wait for rest of hunters to be picked up… Now in the morning after pics are taken and the bear is skinned only ONE hole shows in the hide…Houston says “must of hit him in the same hole I reckon”” that’s my story and I am stickn to it… Congrats Houston on a great colored bear.