May 9,07 Al DeCrane Il.

Al gets a interesting ride to his swamp bait stand through the swamp. With his bow in had he passes on a small bear just an hour in the stand, but he remembers if the barrel disappears it is a shooter and this time a bear arrives he releases the t rigger on his Bowteck Tribute, shooting 100 gr Muzzeys. Patiently he waits for Tom to answer, but no way and in comes a bear and climbs the tree just infront of him. Looking carefully he sees 2 large red spots on this bear , and he guesses it is the bear he shot, but as the bear returns to the ground the feet slip and pOOF it hits the ground , only to get up and run away. Dark is near , the quad is coming and a HUGE bear enters the bait stands on hinds as Tom is just yds away and then wheels and bolts from site. The guys go back in AM to retreive Als bear successfully. Al now has his first Manitoba black bear but 2008 is the year for the Monster bear he had seen just before dark.