May 9,2010 6:40pm John Geller In. 5 ft black with a blaze

Mathews Switchback shot by John John  for the second time shooting his Mathews switch back  heads for  a  Big Grass bear stand… John the guide tells him he is seeing a good track at Beekers bait.. Up in the stand, safety harness on because at over 70yrs safety is a must.. 820 and he hears a sound and in walks this bear.. the hair is just shining and it looks like a good adult bear.. He pulls and releases the arrow. The bear turns to the right an ddissappears.. with radio on he says Tom are you there?  Bear down Yes John im here we will be right in.. A little while later Tom and the guides arrive to search for my bear.. as dark falls, flaggin tape on the trail and some trees flashed we leave the area to go get the other hunters.. Next dayJudy Jeff, chris and todd and John enter at the stand and to retrieve johns bear. After finding the trail they see the bear laying just feet from where trees are slashed from the night before.. John is releved and Judy is glad Jeff and Todd are there to help get this black with a good blaze back to the trucks for skinning and a couple pics..