Phil Fleming Ar. May 23 6:45pm

5 nights in the stand, calluses on YOU KNOW WHERE but Phil is determined that he is going to see and harvest a bear with his Switch back. He has problems with the camera, Tom did not remove the large tree where the camera was placed however Phil dealt with it. He had been watching the quad trail when SNAP off to the left and he turns there was a BEAR!!! Wow!!! I cannot believe it. Slowly she makes her way to the opening in the bait site. Phil pulls back and Nails her with his MUZZY, she runs about 10yds and down. After checking the radio and noone there Phil gets dow to veiw the bear pullin her out to the trail. When John and Dave arrive they walk in and using a “STICK” the tie it up and carry it out to the truck. BAck at camp Phil shows us the footage of harvesting the bear harvest and John/Grace and Dave/Mr.Clean carrying hte bear out to the truck. Way to go the Arkansas Guy a Great bear with you Bow!!!