Ray FRiend Oh 5.5 ft Cinnamon

Colorphase bear Big Grass
First nite in the stand Ray has bears at the bait and after dark he is sure this cinnmon comes in when he cannot see his pins. Second nite after  seeing a sow and cub he has this awesome color phase bear approach from the left around 6 pm. . He has no worry in the world just keeps coming straight in and heads for the barrel. Rays heart is pumpn He pulls on this Instinct made by Fred Bear and nails the bear with a  great shot. Just 15 yds from the bait the bruin colapes. He turns the radio on and Wow there is someone there I really thought the guides never turned these things on till dark.  Judy answers and soon after the Quad starts. Ray was not sitting far from the road and in comes Warren with trailer, Judy with camera Of course and Tyler local farmer with a very strong back. Tyler showed up last nite about 11 to pick me up never saw him before. John and Warren and Tom were late getting others out so Tyler picks up the slack. Thanks Tyler.