Tim Hoeck and Seth Rozeboom, Sd 5+ft colored brs.

Tim puts his red bear down with his Mathews Switch back with no problem. Then later just at dark Seth gets the chance at this Blonde. He had watched a sow and cubs ramble throughthe site the eveneing before. The cubs up to no good frolicking  over the barrels and logs. After he shoots his bear on TUesday nite he pays close attention to where it went and to the following sounds, including the death moan. Due to dead of dark Tom decides to wait till AM to retreive the bear. So 5am they leave and just a few yds past the last sign Tom tells Seth to go ahead and there lays his BEAR. GRINS and more GRINS. Now won’t this make  a great full body mount for this young fellow. Way to go Guys!! these fellows booked their hunt through Bowhunting Safari consutltants and Mark Buehrer.