Tom Friend OH May 12, 5 ft black

Manitoba bear hunts
2nd time to Big Grass Tom knows what is happening. He does know if farmer is in sight fencing that possiblity of bear coming in is NOT GOOD. But oh well farmer must get his work done right!! and it is a nice evening we will just enjoy. Right Tom!! Enough crap lets kill a bear, John and Judy go baiting and come back with bear crap photos.!!! and some good stories. Brian and Tom will move to new spots, we hunt a new stand and Tom is set. Well he was set. Bears coming and going, He was pumped. He got great video and he made a great shot and he got a great bear. Wow three things that is AN Extra Charge. OH yes he hit the red barrel and that is even a larger charge!!!! I hope check is in the MAIL…….. Tom is a great hunter, good sport and good friend.  The rest of the story is……….. not sure how to put it to words but we are still laughing, John picked Tom from the stand in the dark, as luck would have it behind the stand in thick underbrush on the  QUAD TRAIL Toms bear happened to takes its last breathe. However due to conditons, Bump Bump was named. YOu can fill in between the lines how ever.  That is my story and I am sticking to it. Congrats tom on a great bear.