Tony Boyd, Or. 9:00 pm May 19

Tony returns for his 4th trip to Big Grass. Dave with the video camera and Tony with his new 338 Browning the set up in the stand. 830pm the action starts. 2 small bear blacks and 1 blonde and a larger bear arrive to the bait. Wouldn’t you know it the blonde checks out bottom of Tonys stand and decides to sneak up for a visit. Tony a little excited drops some chew and no stopping , then the remains of his Coke can gets poured on the bears snout and it retreats and back to bait. The bears all leave and another larger bear arrives and Tony pulls the trigger on his 338 and the bear drops less than 20yds from the bait. Saved by a Coke can he now has another Manitoba bear for a nice rug for his Trophy room. He also has the footage of all the excitement while in the stand. Life Member NAHC