Bree Town needs color phase for her Ten pin

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Ok I’m going bear hunting 

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

I’ll have some lunch!

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Oh my I’m thankful for such a great animal and experience at Big Grass

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Bree and her dad arrive to Big Grass. Outdoor Dream Foundation Hunt was offered to Bree due to her severe health issues and experiences many things to make memories.   Her Ten-point crossbow is set up and on the X for her hunt.  Heading to the stand ,she is quiet, smiling with some apprehension.   Up in the  stand dad and her eat their lunch with thoughts of Bears.  A small black thinks he should visit them in the stand,  she stomps her foot and he backs off. Patiently waiting and a snap of a branch and this amazing animal shows, it takes her just seconds to nod to say this is the ONE!   Safety off, trigger tight, scope on the X and 💥.  Bree has her Manitoba colorphase Black Bear!  Way to go.  Big Grass Girls Rock!

TBT Manitoba Bear hunting 2014

Have you heard of North America Hunting Club?

In 2004 NAHC and Big Grass partnered with a Life  Member hunt. 8 Life members came to camp and had the opportunity of harvesting a Black Bear.   Over 50% colorphase was harvested that week..

Good shooting with Rifles and Bows make the pic taking a Plus.  Lots of  field pictures and happenings while in camp made memories to  last a life time. Along with hunting bear we hunted with the bow and 17Hmr  gophers which are small prairie dogs in agricultural land in Manitoba.

The group photo of this monster Colorphase bear was the highlight of the group,  Jim took it with his 30-06 in a new stand and area we had not hunted much..  This was a real marketing photo for years to come.