Bree Town needs color phase for her Ten pin

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Ok I’m going bear hunting 

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

I’ll have some lunch!

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Oh my I’m thankful for such a great animal and experience at Big Grass

Bree Town Needs Color Phase For Her Ten Pin

Bree and her dad arrive to Big Grass. Outdoor Dream Foundation Hunt was offered to Bree due to her severe health issues and experiences many things to make memories.   Her Ten-point crossbow is set up and on the X for her hunt.  Heading to the stand ,she is quiet, smiling with some apprehension.   Up in the  stand dad and her eat their lunch with thoughts of Bears.  A small black thinks he should visit them in the stand,  she stomps her foot and he backs off. Patiently waiting and a snap of a branch and this amazing animal shows, it takes her just seconds to nod to say this is the ONE!   Safety off, trigger tight, scope on the X and 💥.  Bree has her Manitoba colorphase Black Bear!  Way to go.  Big Grass Girls Rock!

2019 Manitoba whitetail

Did you have a  great whitetail season? Grandson Vince , Tom and son Justin did us proud and some great meat for sausage and bbq.

We did see an increase of deer in our area.  Also the body size of animals is relative to 2005 .

The deer  herd has bounced back after heavy snow and high predator numbers. This was done with some good Manitoba  management practices.

The stories these three made will be talked about for years to come.  Photos of their hunt are great to view later and remind us of what a great time was had.

Beaver hunting in Manitoba

Beaver hunting In Manitoba for best bear bait .   Using a 17HMR which really rocks that animal when hit if you ever used one. Copper our Chesapeake  retreives it from the creek.

Manitoba Ice Fishing Derby in the Russell area.

IMG_7147IMG_7261IMG_7264Our 7th annual Ice fishing Derby on Lake of the  Prairies held Feb 27, Judy did the photos at the derby..    You know the Papparazzii thing she is always got the camera.. Well 556 people attended 1200 holes were drilled, we caught 39 fish, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Perch.. largest fish 68cm Northern Pike took home $12500. second fish 64cm northern $5000,  Winners choice raffle tickets and she took home a Polaris Side by side.. not bad for a little ice fishing  derby here in Manitoba.  If it wasnt for our volunteers and our local sponsors we would not survive.. but it brings some Tourism $$ in and some good fishing stories of the one HE didnt catch.. but all have FUN IN MANITOBA!

Big Grass Chessy Girls

image image

Sammy Joe and Jazzy both just waiting for a crumb or a cookies!

Manitoba whitetail Buck Night

buck1 buck3buck2

Russell Big Buck Nite over 20 heads were brought in to be scored and for show..  Some great animals masses of 3.5-4 inches is always great to see on our trophies. Our past winters and the pressure of predators has had a negative effect on our whitetail herd of late..  the Conservation has limited our season to 2 weeks with only Bucks to be harvested, hopefully giving our herd a chance to rebound.. Now just finished the second year we are already seeing the results of this..  Bigger bodied animals, larger horns, but our numbers still have not rebounded to the numbers we would want in our area. We have a good number of Youths showing up with nice horns so our hunting enthusiasts are still in the field, young and old…

Limits of Frozen Canadas and ducks

cooler duckfr frozen gbrfr

From the field to the freezer and Home, Hunters take back their limits of Canadians and Ducks for processing at their homes. Here are frozen breasted out Canadians and ducks which have a wing left on for Identification when travelling across the border. Then they can remove the wing and pace to freezer for use in making Orange duck casserole, duck breast in Mushroom gravy and many other favorite recipes of the regular Joe hunter. Our Bird man Warren is well trained in Birdcleaning.