Manitoba Black Bearhunting

Jeff H returns May 2018 to take a colored bear is what was planned.   Bears are not planners when we are hunting….. They arrive if they are hungry and if there is what they want at the barrel… After sticking this great bear with his easton arrow and the skull went to the beetles.   it came back as 17 3/16 just short of Boone and Crocket bear score here in Manitoba… But still a great bear.. His other 2 bears 18 8/16 and 20 1/16 if they’d been taken with his bow they’d made book….. Anyway what a great trophy black bear Jeff harvested in May 2018

Snow Geese hunting in Spring Migration

IMG_5690IMG_5691IMG_5692[1]Tom is travelling across South Dakota and North Dakota the snow geese are layered field to field. Then as he is going along he sees a quad and a fellow pulling a sneek on the big flock of snow geese…  I guess it is everywhere, a quick sneek is always fun if you have some blasting.. the last pic is of a good friend Tim Brown of Waterton had a good shoot last week.