Russell Manitoba the place to be!

IMG_5864IMG_5860IMG_5861IMG_5880Can you believe all these photos? What would we do without our Iphones? 50-60 mph winds blows the flag straight out, then driving along and within 1 mile we went from not snow to 4 inches and in 10 miles 12 inches,, Connies Drive in it the place to be March 31 in gusting winds the customers are lined up for burgers, chicken, fries, and soft ice cream!!  and the last one a cyclest in Manitoba is a Chilly ride with temps dip to 10-25F during the day. then gusting winds but he had the WIND ON  HIS BACK not a bad plan when you have no cab and only peddles for steam.

Snow Geese hunting in Spring Migration

IMG_5690IMG_5691IMG_5692[1]Tom is travelling across South Dakota and North Dakota the snow geese are layered field to field. Then as he is going along he sees a quad and a fellow pulling a sneek on the big flock of snow geese…  I guess it is everywhere, a quick sneek is always fun if you have some blasting.. the last pic is of a good friend Tim Brown of Waterton had a good shoot last week.