manitoba black bear

Auto Draft

Wow my blaze is bigger than his but!, might be time to leave before it’s too late!

TBT remember 2011 we had 12 inches of snow April 30

After  their patience depleted, they arrived and were shocked that we were  telling them the truth.The roads got cleared and we hoped some snow would melt so we could access the hunting area due to high banks of snow.. We knew the bears would be at the baits cause they had been eating actively for 10 days. A snow like this it just puts them up for a couple days and they are back same a they were before the weather hit.  We hung at the camp for the day and headed our first thing the next day, of course with great success..

Yamaha Wolverine for Spring Bear season

Spring bear season is approaching fast because our last winter storm upon us today.. Big Grass Outfitters have now  purchased  a new Yamaha Wolverine

@KokkesSmallEngine  we purchase our equipment from Kokkes. we are offered great service and he is a great dealer.

. We are looking forward to the upcoming season, 3500 pound winch with a synthetic rope (no cable slivers) and 27in  Swamp tires should make it a good Ride to and from the baits sites.

Big Grass Dogs

there is no shortage of dogs and treats at Big Grass when Tom is at home.. When Jazie is on her diet we have raw carrots for treats, and all the others have learned to enjoy them also..  Copper is grown in to a 75lb and Sammy is about the same weight but 8 months older than Copper.. the Real true Chesapeake really shows in the Oaky. But we luv them all.. Jasmine now 13 is showing her age but still goes for a walk each day.