TBT remember 2011 we had 12 inches of snow April 30

After  their patience depleted, they arrived and were shocked that we were  telling them the truth.The roads got cleared and we hoped some snow would melt so we could access the hunting area due to high banks of snow.. We knew the bears would be at the baits cause they had been eating actively for 10 days. A snow like this it just puts them up for a couple days and they are back same a they were before the weather hit.  We hung at the camp for the day and headed our first thing the next day, of course with great success..

Dog Training in the duck hunting field

img_9300img_9175img_9130how does a dog know its to pick up a bird? Sammy jo loves to retrieve A Ball A stick a Boot, however first time in field she marked all but didn’t like the feathers, however it wasnt long till that isn’t a problem.  Copper however is a true bird dog, picks it up tail in air and away he goes.. It is just amazing what a fun day it is to see them work in the field.

Honkers Down in Manitoba


Can he shoot thoseHonkers? Will he smirk when they hit the ground? Big old honkers who eat a lot of grain in the local farmers fields are the birds that hit the hardest.. Jason luvs to hunt anything that flys.. Thats why those Cranes made him smirk when they swung a little close to his spread one morning.

Manitoba black bear baiting

Do you have your fall black bears set yet?  Aug 29 hunters in the woods looking for good big colored bears.IMG_8439IMG_8429IMG_8427IMG_8428

Stealth sees everyone !


D65IR_V075.D00031.062__FG=10000,FT=166624,NIR=0,GM=2,  EV=66,PY=9,DY=40,GB=0x80,SG=0x74,EL=3092,AEY=0,AEM=0,AEW=160,AEH=320

Stealth captures awesome photos day and night, here a young doe is watching something, and a big old bruin is visiting our dead beasty pit, We had only seen a couple of foot prints in the spring, but he has now returned.  we have watched a small bear each year and if this is same bear it is likely 10 yrs now and likely weighing up in that 350-500 this fall… HOW Ever not baits here at the lodge..

Manitoba has great wildlife


P18_T_FG=1000,FT=12729,NIR=1,GM=41,CT=160,EV=29,TY=98,PY=101,DY=41,GB=0x80,NY=0,AE(0,0,640,480,1),0D65IR_V075.D00031.062__FG=1000,FT=5550,NIR=1,GM=41, EV=23,PY=29,DY=66,GB=0x80,SG=0x0,EL=103,AEY=249,AEM=1,AEW=640,AEH=480Whose out on the back 40 acres when we are not around, a nice young moose coming and going at his leisure, and this little buck,  Ive been seeing a huge print across the garden but he will not show his face to a camera…

Time for walleye fishing in Manitoba

IMG_8057 IMG_8064 IMG_8138 IMG_8131An evening at the Assiniboine River, a day on the Lake of the Prairies and some great walleye eating at Big Grass Outfitters,  but no worries we hope to have a fish fry this fall when hunters are here.  |It was nice to be in the boat on a nice day.

Portia Marsh Boardwalk

imageimageimageTime out for a little site seeing. Portia Marsh is a unique waterfowl staging area for ducks geese and many different water birds. We took time to View info plaques, and just enjoy the view Mnaitoba has to offer.

Russell Manitoba the place to be!

IMG_5864IMG_5860IMG_5861IMG_5880Can you believe all these photos? What would we do without our Iphones? 50-60 mph winds blows the flag straight out, then driving along and within 1 mile we went from not snow to 4 inches and in 10 miles 12 inches,, Connies Drive in it the place to be March 31 in gusting winds the customers are lined up for burgers, chicken, fries, and soft ice cream!!  and the last one a cyclest in Manitoba is a Chilly ride with temps dip to 10-25F during the day. then gusting winds but he had the WIND ON  HIS BACK not a bad plan when you have no cab and only peddles for steam.

Critters behind the scenes

STC_0038STC_0064SUNP0024STC_0036IMG_5838Wile we are not looking outdoors never stops, White tailed deer, the doe with her 2 fawn we watched all summer, Mrs Fox at the bird feeder at Christmas and now farther out back, the yote who is always calling to his mate, then a little surprise last Friday. Bear print in the snow. we have a den in the neighbours scrub pile along fence line, and I guess we had a couple of very warm days and he thought oh Spring is HERE! but now we have temps below 0F high winds some more snow , plus they are threatening blizzard conditions for the next 3 days.  Mother nature must know what she is doing but it seemed the beginning of March we would be sewing the garden by first of April.. Yep April fools.. We continue to use cameras to see what we cannot see and it is really amazing.