Family of Manitoba Bear black Bears

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Color bears I thought they were black bears.   Some baits have a great population of coloured Black bears feeding.   Here sow and this spring bear cubs along thigh 2 yrs ago cubs still travelling with her.   

Beaver hunting in Manitoba

Beaver hunting In Manitoba for best bear bait .   Using a 17HMR which really rocks that animal when hit if you ever used one. Copper our Chesapeake  retreives it from the creek.

Snow storm of the winter keeping us home

Have you experienced a winter snowstorm, keeping you home for 3 full days? With winds gusting to 75mph, about one and half feet of snow falling in about 12 hours and our winds didnot stop for 48 hours.  Wow we were Stormed and Blown but like all people who live in Manitoba we just sit tight till it disperses and then we start digging out..  While it was storming the dogs and I used  snow shoeing as my method of travel.. We put on about 6 miles in the 2 days of blocked roads, and then it was just fun to travel along the banks threw the woods to see neat paterns and banks in the snow.

Yamaha Wolverine for Spring Bear season

Spring bear season is approaching fast because our last winter storm upon us today.. Big Grass Outfitters have now  purchased  a new Yamaha Wolverine

@KokkesSmallEngine  we purchase our equipment from Kokkes. we are offered great service and he is a great dealer.

. We are looking forward to the upcoming season, 3500 pound winch with a synthetic rope (no cable slivers) and 27in  Swamp tires should make it a good Ride to and from the baits sites.

Big Grass Chessy Girls

image image

Sammy Joe and Jazzy both just waiting for a crumb or a cookies!

Greetings from Big Grass


Happy Holidays to All; We again come to this time of year busily trying to get all the parcels, and baking done for the ONE day.. Tom has been trucking this year except during hunting time, Judy has been home rehab after hip surgery. A new member to our life is Sammy Jo a now 4 month old Chessy, as Bailey and Fudge both went to Doggy Heaven over summer.. Our new Yamaha Toy behind is making trails for Judys snow snowshoeing and pushing snow in the yard.. Tom has been having fun to see how high he can go on snow pile.. We are wishing all our past and present hunting friends a prosperous and healthy New Year..


Red Tailed hawk sits on a bale waiting for a mouse or something to move so he can have some dinner.. we have many Red Tailed Hawks in the area, they are great to keep rodents down but they are very hard on the small Sharpe Tails and Ruffed Grouse in mid summer..

Clean trucks in Manitoba for Big Grass


Woweee and we have clean vehicles.. Dodge Ram was caked with mud on the under side , wheelwells and all over… Our last days of hunting were wet and the Mud seemed to STICK…  But now Tom has it all Cleaned up!

Fall harvest in Manitoba

bales combinesHarvest is well under way in the area, 50% of our cereal crops have been done and much canola is swathered waiting to be combined… We are seeing good migrations of snows arriving to the area..

More Bears at Big Grass

imageimageimageLast weekwe had bear scat, this week we have foot prints down the lane and across the garden to the Raspberries which I hav started to pick. I share with the birds but not sure if I will share with Mr Bear. We may hav to bring out the 410 to tell him to stay away! No wild berries this year the 2 year olds are hungry.