Black bear in Manitoba

Black bear management for Big Bruins has been Manitoba’s Goal


Over many years of hunting our large bodied Old bears we hold a status of Large Bc scores in Canada.  Have you had the opportunity of harvesting a B&C bear?

Outfitters and residents are proud of the quality of animals we have in the province to harvest allowing hunters from Manitoba or around the world to reap the success..  The low pressure and quantity of food allows for bears to mature and with age the large Skull measurement to give result in management.

Elusive Bruins in the Rut, and unskilled hunters give these big Colored bears the opportunity to stay alive and grow to 18-22 bc with ages of 10-25 years.   Where food sources are great weights rise fast cause they forage on abundance alphafa fields bordering the RMNP. Over all the bear is a grazer during summer months in agricultural Manitoba however when the last of the year  by mid September  they start on good layers of fat the good crops of ferries and acorns

First bear hunt in Manitoba

manitoba black bear

first bear

John K of AZ  first time bear hunter lives his dream to hunt black bear in Manitoba May 28, 18… he was looking for a Color and in the dusk first nite this one looked Brown  but last light can be deceiving.  John watches another smaller bear at the bait and then this much larger arrives..

Time to Fish

Johns next challenge is to fish for walleye from the shore which is not done in Arizona. But he is thrilled when he catches his first then second and has a stringer.  Next day wow a 24 incher which the slot on Lake of the Prairies is over 12 and under 18 but a picture and memories is what John has..Way to go John on yoru Manitoba Trophies.


a great catch


24 in walleye

walleye fishing

walleye fishing

Young black bears

wanna dance

Beavers is a source of bear food.



Beaver trapper

Beaver trapper

Beaver carcass

Bears Big Mac

What do you think is a Bears favorite food?

Well in Manitoba Spring bear hunting, Beaver parts, carcass, not the hide but the body and internals is high protein. After a long winter they come out of hybernation hungry. Beavers can be out sutting small sapplings for food and because a bear can out run a Beaver they hav learned to follow the beaver dams to access easy food.. They will also pull apart a Beaver hut to get into get the kittens.

When we use the parts of the carcass, we cut them up with a band saw into small pieces and place in bait barrel , if you leave a whole beaver at the site the big old bear will come along and take the one carcass , go away have a feast then he doesn’t need to return to site for couple days… Then we put top back on barel so it is not easy access to the bait.

Spring means Dandelions,

this is also another favorite food,  the white mile in the dandelion stem is very sweet and the bears eat this to make their stomachs start to work in the spring… If you are in an area where there are lots of Dandelions the bears can stop coming to the baits for a couple of days while they are filling their bellies with Dandelions..

WE have a local First Nations Trapper who traps beaver , he gets the bounty of the tail , sells the stretched or raw beaver pelt and we pay him so this is another source of income for him.. We have known this fellow for a long time he has some great stories for us when we sit and have coffee. the hunters love to listen to his tails of the wilderness.

Big Grass Dogs

there is no shortage of dogs and treats at Big Grass when Tom is at home.. When Jazie is on her diet we have raw carrots for treats, and all the others have learned to enjoy them also..  Copper is grown in to a 75lb and Sammy is about the same weight but 8 months older than Copper.. the Real true Chesapeake really shows in the Oaky. But we luv them all.. Jasmine now 13 is showing her age but still goes for a walk each day.

Local whitetail deer

IMG_7269IMG_7270IMG_7271I was out for a drive this evening and just down the road from the Big Grass lodge we have a Manitoba wintering grounds for a number of whitetail deer.  As I get close I can see the does sunning themselves on the slope out of the wind, then as I stop to click, the turn and run, and I get mostly flags..   then a little farther a doe stands for one click and then she turns, the calf a little braver, or maybe not so Wise stands a little longer.   I didnt see any horns but my motion camera are still picking up horns on the bucks last week.

Stealth camera

STC_0115STC_1267A few of the small bucks we have hanging around the creek bottom where we have a stand and I spend some time. I had one big fellow 10 point with long brow tangs but someone seems to have nabbed him or his horns have fallen.  Earlier they were showing in afternoon but lately it is just dark time.

Berry Picking in Manitoba

imageDo do you see a Bears Butt? Picking Saskatoons  with many bear prints in the mud. You could see  where they sat and pulled berries off bushes and where they stood high and pulled them off.. With NO WILD BERRIESthis U-pick makes only restaurant in area for bears.



Spring Bear Family

imageJoseph caught 3 and their Mamma at a bait in Spring. Lots of goofing around and great footage. The sow will put the Cubs up the tree if she feels the Cubs are in Danger. Sows with Cubs are not allowed to be shot.

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Tom is smiling!

Tom is smiling!