2019 Manitoba whitetail

Did you have a  great whitetail season? Grandson Vince , Tom and son Justin did us proud and some great meat for sausage and bbq.

We did see an increase of deer in our area.  Also the body size of animals is relative to 2005 .

The deer  herd has bounced back after heavy snow and high predator numbers. This was done with some good Manitoba  management practices.

The stories these three made will be talked about for years to come.  Photos of their hunt are great to view later and remind us of what a great time was had.

Anyone use the Traeger?

Good eating

Wildmeat is healthier and cooked correctly becomes a delicacy. Traeger grills do an awesome job on cured venison. Www.traeger.com I did brine for 7 days then smoked for 6 hours

Another big Black on the Stealth

In the dark, and hopefully next time he comes a hunter will be on the stand it’s picture time.   These big bears frequent the bait more often when the rut begins.

Beaver hunting in Manitoba

Beaver hunting In Manitoba for best bear bait .   Using a 17HMR which really rocks that animal when hit if you ever used one. Copper our Chesapeake  retreives it from the creek.

Jess B, Wis May 9, takes another nice bear

Bear #4 in the books, all no tracking,. Her 30-06 rocks bears when you are a great shot.8 bears at the bait she too the largest at 2 min till dark. “”Wow they were everywhere! I nailed the Biggest!”” Says Jess

Preparing for the hunt

how do you get ready for the hunt? Jess arrived t camp with her 30-06 and  has no prob placing bullets to the chamber.

Her added storage on butt is handy. She loads up fast.

Who goes there at BigGrass?

stealth camera captures this great colored Bruin 11 pm.  We hope as tur turns on he will frequent bait earlier. Amazing color and size!

California goose hunting

Our friend Jason who lives in California sends a few pics of his hunting… Who would thing this was hunting season with temps in the 75F, Good goose hunting is always 40F its hard to understand location and seasons.  Worst thing is the south gets all these good plummed birds and awesome colors and we see the poor off colored ones but they still make good jerky and are a whale of a time of whackin and stacking…  our season runs end of September threw till 21 of October is when Big Grass is in the field doing our thing..

Manitoba Black Bearhunting

Jeff H returns May 2018 to take a colored bear is what was planned.   Bears are not planners when we are hunting….. They arrive if they are hungry and if there is what they want at the barrel… After sticking this great bear with his easton arrow and the skull went to the beetles.   it came back as 17 3/16 just short of Boone and Crocket bear score here in Manitoba… But still a great bear.. His other 2 bears 18 8/16 and 20 1/16 if they’d been taken with his bow they’d made book….. Anyway what a great trophy black bear Jeff harvested in May 2018

Happy Holidays from Big Grass and Tom and Judy

happy holidays

Toms Peterbuilt

Wishing all our clients and good friend a Merry Christmas and Happy New year We come to the end of another year healthy and Happy to be here enjoying family and friends…

Both still having fun at what we do Tom not home as much but live goes on…

Cheers to the Year of 2018 and Best in 2019