Days at Big Grass

Days At Big Grass Days At Big Grass Days At Big GrassWhen it’s winter and temps are great the snowshoes come out and I try to burn some calories off! But many hours are spent marketing, preps for next season and talking !, yup I am the Voice remember!😂😂

Baby it’s cold in Manitoba

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-35F plus windchill.   Dress warm and enjoy the fresh air.
if you need a bear hunt for May we have that also!!

Big Grass Garden planting

Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto Draft Auto DraftIf you have been or plan t come you will realize the garden is important!  Home grown in camp of all vegetables is at most meals..  so May 4 I planted a “sample” garden.  2weeks later with some watering it is up.   Hopefully some early veggies.  Life at Big Grass is Good

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Big boars, this bait had some amazing activity just out of the den, difference of about 1.5 ft when you look at the knot on the tree.  I’ll be watching for them to return to the site later during the rut!

Manitoba Spring Bear Hunt Special

Auto DraftAre you looking for a 2020 Bear Hunt?    We only hav 6 PEOPLE  in camp at one time.   98%success. Some color phase BEARS.  rifle or Bow, ladder stands !

2047736533 @biggrasslady on IG

Jess B, Wis May 9, takes another nice bear

Bear #4 in the books, all no tracking,. Her 30-06 rocks bears when you are a great shot.8 bears at the bait she too the largest at 2 min till dark. “”Wow they were everywhere! I nailed the Biggest!”” Says Jess

beavertail bounty

Beaver tail bounty, 80 lb beaver

Big Grass vacates to Mexico

Tom endures some hot peppers to get a Tequila shot!

Winter in Manitoba

imageWe hauled a couple bales out on the lake at the back for the geese to nest on. Pushed them up on their end with the blade on the Viking , and no problem moving it with the tracks.  Lots of fun!!

Road trip to Brandon

imageStopped at Holmans  Taxidermy today, him and Kerri sitting drinking coffee not a normal sight.  He’s busy mounting Bears Bears and more Bears, but do you see the Moose Wow what a Monster.  It always a treat to stop and get busted by Scott. All know him and I show our best when we meet!!!