Dog Training in the duck hunting field

img_9300img_9175img_9130how does a dog know its to pick up a bird? Sammy jo loves to retrieve A Ball A stick a Boot, however first time in field she marked all but didn’t like the feathers, however it wasnt long till that isn’t a problem.  Copper however is a true bird dog, picks it up tail in air and away he goes.. It is just amazing what a fun day it is to see them work in the field.

Jewelry for Dave M,


Another band for Dave of Wy. the group of 3 hunters return each year and now again Dave is lucky to be the one to put down this Cackler banded in Inuvit,  That is where most Cacklers stage in summer and are banded there.

Motion Camera catches the wildlife


I have motion camera out to see what is happening, one night I have Booboo bear and the next these two wonder in eating the tops of the clover and alfalpha… and then a taste of oats to finish of their evening stroll.  Also the tracks travel past the Corn and peas in the garden… Oh well everyone has to have a snack too..