Black bear in Manitoba

Black bear management for Big Bruins has been Manitoba’s Goal


Over many years of hunting our large bodied Old bears we hold a status of Large Bc scores in Canada.  Have you had the opportunity of harvesting a B&C bear?

Outfitters and residents are proud of the quality of animals we have in the province to harvest allowing hunters from Manitoba or around the world to reap the success..  The low pressure and quantity of food allows for bears to mature and with age the large Skull measurement to give result in management.

Elusive Bruins in the Rut, and unskilled hunters give these big Colored bears the opportunity to stay alive and grow to 18-22 bc with ages of 10-25 years.   Where food sources are great weights rise fast cause they forage on abundance alphafa fields bordering the RMNP. Over all the bear is a grazer during summer months in agricultural Manitoba however when the last of the year  by mid September  they start on good layers of fat the good crops of ferries and acorns

Manitoba Whitetail

Have you had time to spend some time in the outdoors to harvest a Whitetail Buck?

Tom is home and has the opportunity t spend a little time doing some deer hunting.  With his 300 tika 3  he nails this nice Buck.

Home made deer sausage, pepperoni, and jerky will taste pretty good doing some ice fishing this winter..

Big Grass Lady Bear hunters

lady hunter shots a bear

Nicole rocks

lady hunter shoots a bear

Jess blasts


 Women are True Marksmen    Women hunters are a pleasure to guide during a Black Bear hunt.. Precision is a must, a good kill is a priority. Jess is a seasoned hunter looking for a big Bucket head in 2018.  Nicole is amazed how a snap of a twig and he was standing in the site, and she waited for a good shot.  Safety off and deep breathe and she pulls the trigger.

Big Grass has guided many Ladies in camp and we make special plans if we have booked a Lady.  The anticipation of a bear entering the site shows on a ladies face by the width of the smile when you arrive after the Bear is dead. Detail is ignited with the replay when telling the story of her hunt.  Lady hunters young and old are always welcome to Camp.

Time for walleye fishing in Manitoba

IMG_8057 IMG_8064 IMG_8138 IMG_8131An evening at the Assiniboine River, a day on the Lake of the Prairies and some great walleye eating at Big Grass Outfitters,  but no worries we hope to have a fish fry this fall when hunters are here.  |It was nice to be in the boat on a nice day.

Greetings from Big Grass


Happy Holidays to All; We again come to this time of year busily trying to get all the parcels, and baking done for the ONE day.. Tom has been trucking this year except during hunting time, Judy has been home rehab after hip surgery. A new member to our life is Sammy Jo a now 4 month old Chessy, as Bailey and Fudge both went to Doggy Heaven over summer.. Our new Yamaha Toy behind is making trails for Judys snow snowshoeing and pushing snow in the yard.. Tom has been having fun to see how high he can go on snow pile.. We are wishing all our past and present hunting friends a prosperous and healthy New Year..


Red Tailed hawk sits on a bale waiting for a mouse or something to move so he can have some dinner.. we have many Red Tailed Hawks in the area, they are great to keep rodents down but they are very hard on the small Sharpe Tails and Ruffed Grouse in mid summer..

Clean trucks in Manitoba for Big Grass


Woweee and we have clean vehicles.. Dodge Ram was caked with mud on the under side , wheelwells and all over… Our last days of hunting were wet and the Mud seemed to STICK…  But now Tom has it all Cleaned up!

Fall harvest in Manitoba

bales combinesHarvest is well under way in the area, 50% of our cereal crops have been done and much canola is swathered waiting to be combined… We are seeing good migrations of snows arriving to the area..

Motion Camera catches the wildlife


I have motion camera out to see what is happening, one night I have Booboo bear and the next these two wonder in eating the tops of the clover and alfalpha… and then a taste of oats to finish of their evening stroll.  Also the tracks travel past the Corn and peas in the garden… Oh well everyone has to have a snack too..