Animals of Big Grass

squirrel days

top of the tree to you all!

Sammy's ball

will you play with me?

Chessys dont share

I dont share

We pass the winter keeping busy with the Big Grass Animals. Wild animals need to be fed during Cold winters, HOWEVER we dont consider red Squirrels part of this family… Our Log Cabins suffer if a red quirrel chooses to locate his home into a Cabin. So standing rule:Dont show your face close to house or cabins or the 410 will blast you from that tree! yep it did…   over the years many red squirrels have not lived to tell tale…

Sammy Jo continues to bring the ball, frozen lump of snow or a stick for you to throw.. IN the house or outside she has something to throw.. I always wanted a dog to bring me a stick, Help please have her only retreive 1/2 a day! She’s Judys dog,  not spoiled lol, decently behaved, loves to play, and runs like a crazy after a ball or anything.

The Male Chessy of the House Copper! a True Male, spoiled, does the Chessy walk um Im not sure if I want to do that, thinks he should get what he wants.  But hes a great retreiver, lots of go, strong body, and will work hard in the field this fall.

Critters behind the scenes

STC_0038STC_0064SUNP0024STC_0036IMG_5838Wile we are not looking outdoors never stops, White tailed deer, the doe with her 2 fawn we watched all summer, Mrs Fox at the bird feeder at Christmas and now farther out back, the yote who is always calling to his mate, then a little surprise last Friday. Bear print in the snow. we have a den in the neighbours scrub pile along fence line, and I guess we had a couple of very warm days and he thought oh Spring is HERE! but now we have temps below 0F high winds some more snow , plus they are threatening blizzard conditions for the next 3 days.  Mother nature must know what she is doing but it seemed the beginning of March we would be sewing the garden by first of April.. Yep April fools.. We continue to use cameras to see what we cannot see and it is really amazing.

Manitoba fur bearing animals

IMG_5682IMG_5684IMG_5680At Holmans the other day I had chance to grab a few pics of some beautiful hides hanging in the shop. A wolverine on the left, bear hides ready to be made to rugs, and tanned  coyote pelts tanned ready to be picked up by the hunters.

Wildlife in Manitoba

IMG_4703IMG_7042Cameras and feeders is what is in Judys plan for the winter.. just outside the kitchen window we have many birdfeeders, with many Blue Jays, Grosbeaks, siskins, chickadees, feeding daily. then Surprise, I had been feeding the other animals the scraps as the dogs sure did need them, every couple days Id take a bag out in field to feed the other travelers of the area,  then one morning after putting fresh peanuts and some dried berries and bread crumbs in the feeder, LOOK who showed.. Slowly she moved towards the feeder.. , Hoping I was going to get a shot I got out the Canon and SNAP I got it… Not sure if it is Mr or Mrs I named her Mrs Fox..    daily she travels around the yard, and Ive seen lots of activity on the field and in slough where she has caught mice and squirrels.   It is amazing what you see if you just look and have time to spend in the outdoors