Manitoba Whitetail

Have you had time to spend some time in the outdoors to harvest a Whitetail Buck?

Tom is home and has the opportunity t spend a little time doing some deer hunting.  With his 300 tika 3  he nails this nice Buck.

Home made deer sausage, pepperoni, and jerky will taste pretty good doing some ice fishing this winter..

Fathers day in Manitoba

mans work is nevver done

garden chores

Tom is the gardener and spending fathers day at home was great He took time for the puppies relaxing and a good cool drink Big Grass offers him 2 lives trucking and outfitting and life in general

refreshing drink

his chessys

his chessys

a good day

a good day

Colorphase bears in Manitoba at Big Grass Outfitters


Jeff Sticks a Trophy

HE said only One!

Well his 4th trip and he gets the Color phase he was wanting 2 years ago.  7pm May 28 with his Hoyt in hand, and Rage Broad heads he nails this trophy while standing in the stand in Manitoba.  Jeff has done the time and has taken good bears while hunting with Big Grass. Hes passed on some took a good bear to then watch a monster come in later.

Does he need any more?

Not likely but once you have harvested one Bear it is like a disease you want to harvest another.  When you are not in the stand and time allows we take time to sit at the Lake of the Prairies to do some fishing..  Here he pulled in a Northern Pike on Johns Rod and even smiled for the picture.

Activity at the baits weas good Old fuzzy butt attended regularly filling his belly on Big Grass Oats and Grease and the tastey beaver bait. We hope he gains lots of weight so someone can see him this fall.

Walleye fishing

Good fishing

smaller black bear

fuzzy butt bear

Colorphase bear

Colorphase Bear

Fancy Pants in the blind on a Manitoba Honker Hunt


Do Have time to take a Kid hunting on Sunday morning on  “a Red neck hunt”?

We luv to hunt with our grand son Vincent and his buddies and our friends.. Scouting, setting decs, and then hunting, cleaning the birds and lunch make MeMories.  Never is there a chance goes by if we have a call to hunt does Tom refuse to get in a blind with any of local fellows..   Our equipment offers young fellows more opporturnity and plus we LUV TO HUNT!!

Could you ask for a better lunch?


Do you cook you wild meat ? Fergies Duck Burritos and Smoked Crane, with 8 starving hunters, and the crock pot was empty in no time.

RECIPE: clean and prepare duck/goose breasts, slice into strips about 1 inch wide, marinate in Pepsi 8-10 hours, drain and pull apart with fork, add 8 oz BBQ sauce, 2 onions 6 tomatos, and some peppers, and any other veggies you may want… cook 6-8 hours. torilla shells, shredded cheese of any kind, some people prefer a little heat so add some hot sauce. its all up to your taste buds.. Enjoy>

Honkers Down in Manitoba


Can he shoot thoseHonkers? Will he smirk when they hit the ground? Big old honkers who eat a lot of grain in the local farmers fields are the birds that hit the hardest.. Jason luvs to hunt anything that flys.. Thats why those Cranes made him smirk when they swung a little close to his spread one morning.

Manitoba Goose and Duck Opens


Have you gotten out to hunt? With great numbers of Local birds our resident Manitobans are whackin up a pile of birds. Big Grass Outfitters has not hit fields yet but soon! Harvest is well underway in the Prairie pothole region.

Time for walleye fishing in Manitoba

IMG_8057 IMG_8064 IMG_8138 IMG_8131An evening at the Assiniboine River, a day on the Lake of the Prairies and some great walleye eating at Big Grass Outfitters,  but no worries we hope to have a fish fry this fall when hunters are here.  |It was nice to be in the boat on a nice day.

Rain makes happy Duck hunters

IMG_7951 IMG_7831 IMG_7830lots of rain this summer including some areas got hit hard with hail, high winds, and tornado sightings and touch downs. Angry clouds but make awesome photo taking over the summer.. but ponds are full and lots of spots in fields are holding water for ducks!

Big Grass menu for hunting season.

IMG_7647Fresh strawberries from the patch at Big Grass. The Market Garden out past the Lodge produces some great produce to turn into yummy food for while the Hunters are here..

Jessica learns to make Strawberry jam.

Jessica learns to make Strawberry jam.

imagethen to top the afternoon off Sticky Buns.. a favourite to all the hunters and her Dad and Brother. Grandpa Tom and anyone who arrives..  She loves to bake so it is a great help to Judy when Jessica arrives for the day.