Wildlife in Manitoba

IMG_4703IMG_7042Cameras and feeders is what is in Judys plan for the winter.. just outside the kitchen window we have many birdfeeders, with many Blue Jays, Grosbeaks, siskins, chickadees, feeding daily. then Surprise, I had been feeding the other animals the scraps as the dogs sure did need them, every couple days Id take a bag out in field to feed the other travelers of the area,  then one morning after putting fresh peanuts and some dried berries and bread crumbs in the feeder, LOOK who showed.. Slowly she moved towards the feeder.. , Hoping I was going to get a shot I got out the Canon and SNAP I got it… Not sure if it is Mr or Mrs I named her Mrs Fox..    daily she travels around the yard, and Ive seen lots of activity on the field and in slough where she has caught mice and squirrels.   It is amazing what you see if you just look and have time to spend in the outdoors

Guides at work??


Boss is away and she comes home to this!  Something is going I hit the fan!

Boss is away and she comes home to this! Something is going to hit the fan! lol

Bear sign on trails

imageGetting last of baits in the woods here at Big Grass and we are starting to see tracks along the trails? I’m getting excited!

Big Grass Outfitters website launched


IPhone,  IPads, mobile device Happy!   Thanks to the Rhino Web team for all their help.   Happy  Holidays from Tom And Judy of Big Grass

Tom is smiling!

Tom is smiling!