Manitoba Whitetail

Have you had time to spend some time in the outdoors to harvest a Whitetail Buck?

Tom is home and has the opportunity t spend a little time doing some deer hunting.  With his 300 tika 3  he nails this nice Buck.

Home made deer sausage, pepperoni, and jerky will taste pretty good doing some ice fishing this winter..

Stealth camera


P12_T_TIME=4410,FG=442499072,FT=-1532821504,NIR=1,GM=0,CDS = 2,CT=1,EV=128,TY=59,PY=92,DY=26,GB=0x19,NY=160,AE(0,0,0,640,480),1

Just  checked the Stealth camera out back and Wow not bad for my little food plot. Manitoba whitetail in velvet, a bowhunters dream do you think you”d take these?

Mikes group returns


Oct 3, Mike John from Mn,, and Dave from Wy, return again for the 7th time.. They love to hit the honkers and Ducks.. Mike always says we like to shoot but the Ducks is what we really like to hunt..